​President - Beth See

Vice president - William Bean

Treasurer - Charlotte Bowman

Secretary - Pam Fake

JoAnn Eye

​Ray Galloway

Phoebe Heishman

David Jopling

Judy Patterson

Jim Oliver


​Grand opening of HCHS Museum - TBA

​Historical Society / Lions Club  Bounce House July 2nd

Annual Shrimp Broil  October 15, 2016

​Annual Fall Meeting - TBA

Mission Statement

​The Hardy County Historical Society Board (HCHSB) chairs of committees in order to achieve its mission of the preservation and maintenance of historic documents, sites artifacts and culture for a recognition of life in Hardy County from early settlement to present day.​

​Each board member chairs a committee and builds their committee membership from members who join each year.  Through active membership and understanding of the goals of HCHS, programs and activities can be developed to promote the historical aspects of Hardy County.